Eagle Heights Garden Committee Minutes

December 14, 2016, 6:30 PM

Eagle Heights Community Center

6:30 – Delicious Food and great conversation by Rollie, Ann, Rosemary, Ric, Karen, Linda, Ulrike, Kathryn and Tianxing.

7:00  Kathryn welcomed everyone.

Minutes   Moved by Ric and seconded by Ann to approve the minutes of the November 2016 meeting.  Passed unanimously.

Registrar Update

Kathryn reported that around $2600 has come in as no workday fees. She has sent 8 letters to potential plant sale vendors and has received one response.  The 2017 garden application information will become live on the 15th of December.  Applications will be done as in the past in written form.  We have a new webmaster.  So far we have received a ten pound box of Heirloom Seeds as a donation.

Treasurer’s Report

Kathryn reports that Angus says we are on budget. He is hoping to finish being treasurer, but will continue working until a replacement is found.

Garden Worker Report

Will sent a note stating that the weeds at the Eagle Heights Weedpile will be removed when the ground is frozen and the equipment will not get stuck.  Will is trying to arrange a compost delivery for May. He also expressed a preference for having Gardens to Be as a plant sale vendor.  Discussion ensued.  Because of the difficulties of not having a plant sale last year, it was decided that that a backup plan of having more than one vendor would be good.

Goals and Direction for 2017

After some productive discussion the group come up with the following draft list of goals  for 2017.

  1. Improve the meeting- Have the agenda a week in advance with the discussion time allotted to the item. Someone needs to keep the discussion to the topic and the time allotted. Have sub-committees do some of the work and bring a proposal to the committee meeting for approval. Transparency is a good idea, we need to make sure all people are informed.  After an online discussion, we need to decide if there is consensus on a topic at the next meeting. Maintain a positive tone.
  2. More events- Increase social events like the plant exchange.
  3. Recognize good gardenexamples- Juries can also find good gardens.
  4. Put a berm above the Eagle Heights weedpile to solve water problems.
  5. Unfinished Business- improve path maintenance.
  6. Online application- for a later year.
  7. Recruiting-

Kathryn reported we need new co-chairs as Adam is leaving in July and Tom is stepping down. The treasurer position is open.  There was discussion about what a volunteer would be able to do if they were not an employee of Housing.  Linda said she would find out what a what a volunteer could do in the system.

Ric volunteered to do some of the new gardener orientations in the spring.

There is also an open garden worker position.  Jolene is working with HR to reclassify the position. Jolene wrote a description for HR.  The committee asked to see the draft.  There was discussion about the UW wanting no temporary positions, but that seasonal positions are allowed.

Form working groups

  1. Seed Fair- April 1
  2. Plant Sales- Kathryn, Melita and Ulrike
  3. New Gardener Orientation- Ric volunteered to help.
  4. Parasitic wasps

Adjourned by 8:00pm  by Kathryn

Submitted by Karen

Subject to correction by the Garden Committee